Hillah is a small town in Iraq settled on the west bank of the Euphrates River. It has a population of roughly 200,000 people.

The residential districts of the town are separated into three sections. In the northwest, what is known now by the locals as the Aleph District sits, densely packed with rather nice houses. It doesn’t seem to be particularly wealthy or poor, and on the surface seems to represent a middle class of sorts.

Mirroring this in the southwest is the Gimel District. Though not as densely populated, the Gimel District seems to have the same moderately well to do residents. They seem to be on average better off than the neighboring Aleph District, but part of the land there is relegated to the Library of Babel.

In the northeast, the farming lands of Hillah, the Beth District holds the slums of the town. Everyone there seems to live in abject poverty, controlled ruthlessly by either the Aleph of Gimel Districts. The houses are all in shambles, lined up along the river.

The town used to survive under the rule of the Ottoman Empire, but a few years back the town fell into British control. And yet nothing seems to have changed with the town’s social structure. Not many soldiers are seen patrolling, most of them seem situated around either the administrative buildings in the southeast, or around the Library.


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